Our Authentication Process

First Step:

We cautiously inspect each goods that step into our ROOM to make sure the quality links up to our standard. Each one of them will be set down into a rigorous validation process by our in-house experts who have a great knowledge and experience in the art of authentication. Once the authenticity is verified, the goods will be up in our website for sale.

Second Step:

We utilise ENTRUPY, the world’s first authentication solution for high-value goods. ENTRUPY has developed an AI-powered technology that can instantly identify authentic and counterfeit luxury goods with a success rate of 99,1%. On the other hand, specifically for Hermès, we use BABABEBI’s authentication service that is owned by Ms. Dimity Giles. She developed her expertise in authentication based on over thirty years of collecting and meticulous comparative study of the construction details and artisanship methods of Hermès handbags and other leather goods. The opinions rendered by BABABEBI are recognised and accepted worldwide

Hear from our loyal customers

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My shopping experience in Belle&Kate is sooo smooth and easy. I love how their store is located in the heart of Jakarta, easy to access, super-homey (literally makes me wanna stay there as long as possible) with many Hermes bags showcased. I had a fast and safe transaction with them, my bag was delivered by their own Driver and Sales Assistant directly to my home the day I finished my payment. Will definitely recommend Belle&Kate to my family and friends as one of my fav store 🙂



I trust Belle and Kate because they always do verification checks to ensure that items are authentic and in good conditions. The service is excellent and they do direct payment when your items are sold with them.

SHAHNAZ ANINDYA - Entrepreneur


I've been trying to sell my brand new heels for almost a year, belum kejual sampai akhirnya di sini waktu mereka IG Live. My heels were sold in just 4 days at Belle And Kate ROOM Such an incredible service & trusted lux shop to go to. They also have a friendly & prompt response team🤩. Thank you so much and wishing Belle And Kate ROOM a continued success!



Shopping with Belle And Kate has been a pleasant experience. Not only they are able to source the item that i have been looking for, they handle all the shipping and delivering very professionally, i totally recommend Belle and Kate as they are trust worthy, professional and reliable.

FITRIA YUSUF - Public Figure & Entrepreneur


When it comes to luxury goods, I always look for Belle&Kate’s services to provide what I need.. and they always deliver the best service.. because sometimes I get so picky about the color that I want, the model etc etc.. but they were so patiently looking the items for me and get back to me with several options and so fast too!I really do not have to worry about the authenticity because they have the expert handling about it.. and its guaranteed.I also think BnK always offer the best price because I did research about other’s price on the market, and my choice always goes to BnK 🥳

CINDY SUMAWAN - Interior Designer


Sangat puas dengan sercive di Belle and Kate, terutama product knowledgenya. Super helpful menjawab pertanyaan customer dalam memaintain product yg sudah di beli, juga selalu berusaha untuk mendapatkan barang sesuai request. Thankyou Belle&Kate!

SELA CHANDRA - Entrepreneur


Reliable authentic Hermes online store in Indonesia 👏🏻 Honestly I’m more of a Louis Vuitton girl for handbags, so haven’t had the experience, which seems to be often less than desirable shopping for a Birkin or Kelly bag. But here at Belle&Kate, they are so helpful throughout the process of searching the best Hermes bag for you! Also, I went to the offline store in North Jakarta and the sales people were very friendly from start to finish, I personally didn’t feel rushed or judged throughout the experience at all. 100% authentic with good price. You can also consign and trade your previous bag with the newest items.



Belle&Kate has the best service ever! Fast response, friendly shopping assistant, & immediate delivery. What else can I ask for? All goods are 100% authentic, I know the owner personally. I trust her 100%! The price is also competitive with other reseller brands.



Belle&kate salah satu online shop yang terpercaya. Selalu puas belanja di Belle and Kate, dikarenakan selalu diberikan harga yang terbaik. Dan servicenya bagus banget, selain itu stock mereka juga banyak jadi bisa dapetin apa yang kita cari.

FICKY WIDJAJA - Founder of Kulo Group


Happy & puas belanja di Belle&Kate. Soalnya pengiriman cepat & aman. Terus sabar waktu ditanya2 & dimintain saran. Dan yg plg penting TRUSTED!

CELLA VANESSA - Owner of Azarine Cosmetics


First of all, I trust Belle & Kate because the owner is my very own good friend. I’m so proud of how much Belle & Kate has grown and I’m sure that they are the leading Hermes marketplace in Jakarta now. However, such title was not given for free. They proved themselves to be the number one in the market by providing an amazing service that I’ve experienced myself. Their admins are always on fast response and are always helpful. They also have experts who work hard to guarantee their collections’ authenticity so that we can rest assured that they’re trustable. Congratulations Belle & Kate on your store expansion! Best of luck❤️

MICHELLE PANGEMANAN - Owner of MarryMe Jewellery


Impressed by the quality service, best price for luxury brands, and in love with the product. Bener-bener dilayani semua pertanyaan, bahkan untuk ukuran dan pengukuran itemsnya. Terutama untuk shoes, jadi gak akan salah ukuran. Fast respond banget, di assist semua pertanyaan dari awal minta rekomendasi sampai assisting pengirimannya. Gapernah berani buat beli luxury items online, tapi yang ini trusted banget. Highly recommended, definitely coming back for more purchases!

CHRISTIE BASIL - Owner of At Vezzo

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Such a fun & convenient experience to shop at Belle & Kate. Responsive and helpful service that has a personal touch to answer all the brand details until you find “the right one”. Reputable & trustworthy online destination for premium luxury fashion

DARA SETYOHADI - Interior Design & Architecture (Founder of @ARDSstudio)

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Belle & Kate to be honest is one of my most trusted places to shop for luxury items, especialy Hermes! They have lots of choices, amazing professional service and reliable! Super recommended!

MICHELLE HENDRA PARK - Digital Creator/Influencer

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I've been looking here and there for a trusted Hermes seller and it wasn't easy to find the one that I trust. Until I stumbled upon Belle & Kate. Excellent references and their great product knowledge led me to shop at Belle & Kate for sure!

ASTRID SATWIKA - Public Figure/ Influencer

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Belle & Kate sells wide range of items. You don't have to worry because they will immediately assist you in finding the item that best suits your needs or perhaps the one that you have been looking for.
They indeed have a great service, quick shipment, secure payment, all items are guaranteed to be authentic and worth the price. All of this contributes to my satisfaction with Belle & Kate. It’s definitely recommended!

dr. MARSHELLA G. HARDIANTO - Aesthetic Medical Doctor


Belle & Kate was my trusted introduction to Hermes without the hassle, and I can’t recommend them enough! The approachable and friendly B&K team makes luxury shopping so fun and accessible. Whatever was on my wishlist and whatever questions I had - they were always happy to help.

AMANDA WIDJAJA - Entrepreneur

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Belle & Kate gives the best at home shopping experience, their customer service is unbeatable… they find me the pieces I am looking for at the best prices. The best part about shopping at Belle & Kate is that the items are packaged as if they come from the store, so it feels just like a VIP store experience. I recommend all my friends to Belle & Kate because of how reliable and trustworth they are.

FELICIA ALUWI - VP of Marketing Halodoc

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