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Give us a little info and our customer service will contact you to schedule a pick up service

Leave it to us! We will take a good care
of your goods from authentication, photography, product description, and shipment to top buyers

Get more than 80% of the selling price in only a week after the product is SOLD

Reasons Why You Should Consign with Us!

Clean your wardrobe for more space and earn some cash

Find the most
compatible rate

More than 10,000 trusted buyers since 2016

Fast and safe payment

What Can You Sell with Us?

bags, accessories only

and no damage only

RULES : Authentic
goods only

DESIGNERS : European
premium brands only

Find out how much you will earn!


How We Determine The Price

We determine the price of your goods based on condition, age, and the current market price. We also see through the type, colour, and style of your goods whether it’s a rare or common pieces based on current market trend. What if our set price doesn’t match with your desired price? Don’t worry! Feel free to propose a negotiation with our team to decide the best price for your goods. Again, we aim to sell your goods at the highest price the market will demand.

In case you need help selling your items, our client support will be happy to help

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